ELTRAF's main area of activity

ELTRAF's main area of activity is production of whole concrete, combined (concrete basin and a steel-sheet skeleton) as well as steel-sheet transformer facilities and switching stations for medium voltage and medium/low voltage especially for energy distribution companies. A significant portion of basic production is also intended for energy equipment used by industrial entities. The ability to adapt to each customer's specific requirements has contributed to the fact that Eltraf a.s. currently not only produces substations, but also fulfils expectations in development of other business activities, including obtaining major orders for delivery of technology for co-generation units, bio gas stations, solar power plants, track construction, acoustic covers, telecommunications, data and switchboard cabinets, etc. Thanks to expertise and maximum work deployment of employees working on equipment at a high technical level, the company ever since its founding has continued to increase its level of quality and variability based on customers' requirements. Since the date of its founding, 25th October 1994, ELTRAF a.s. has established a solid position on the market of producers and suppliers of equipment for electricity distribution. In terms of the number of produced transformer facilities, ELTRAF is currently one of the largest manufacturers in the Czech Republic.

The second most important produced products of ELTRAF a.s. are technological containers. They are produced in a series of modifications adapted exactly based on customers' requirements. Their use is very diverse, from containers for installing engines of co-generation units, diesel electric central facilities, containers for portable boilers to medium-voltage and low-voltage electrical switchboards. The dimensions of containers are usually limited only by transport capabilities. They can reach a length of up to 20 m. The walls and the ceiling can be adapted to reduce internal noise using mineral fabric, perforated zinc-treated sheet metals and fleece fabric. The floor is most often stable from a riffled sheet metal, but it can also be double, with detachable segments. The space in between can be used to run cables. Containers are most often delivered entirely thermally insulated.

The container can be equipped with various accessories, such as lighting, cable grooves, cable distribution lines, switchboards, an air conditioning unit, passages for cables, passages with flanges, panic closing, noise suppressors, air filters and shades of paint based on the client's wishes, including advertising texts on casings, etc.

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